Apr 15, 2012

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GOD Made Animals For Us To EAT

“Vegans are STUPID! Don’t they know God created animals for us to EAT?”


Really? Let’s consult the Bible and just see about that, hmm?


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  1. Da Physchemon says:

    Well done Lovely… good referencing and all – HD

  2. Well said, great job and I love the last (outtake), “I’m going to get in trouble” LOL

  3. wow, I bet there are a couple of Christians heads exploding right now, after watching this.

  4. NOT in trouble with me! Sharing. Thanks, Shelley.

  5. Jodie York says:

    I agree with everything you’ve said, everything. However, I don’t feel comfortable to share this because of the initial remarks about Christians and their particular version of God. I feel it will only antagonize and insult. I wish you would do another one like this with more open arms and reaching out to them, that I would share to try and get through to my family and friends. If you think I’m missing something, lay it on me sister, because I love and appreciate you, Shelley.

  6. Michael Mandel says:

    Not in trouble with God though, babe. Been quoting those biblical passages for thirty three years. They didn’t have internet back then and I’m not quite as pretty as you. You are a strongly talented individual speaking truth.

  7. I approve of this message. I’m in line with Jodie York where I will not share the video on a mass scale so as not to upset religious friends and family, but I stand in solidarity with you nonetheless. I will certainly share with my other atheist/agnostic friends of vegan and non-vegan dispositions alike.

  8. I just love your musings….. thanks for being such a great role model.

  9. Oh how I love your amiable mutterings!!! This topic was both robust and chocolaty! YES, you did hit the Christian sciatic nerve to those who feel that they have dominion over other species. But that’s why I have no problem using this as verbal ammo in my VeGUN of communication to others. Ain’t it cool!!! BTW, I believe it’s MAN who has created God in HIS own image… unfortunately. And Santa Clause told me that. :-)

  10. claudia drake says:

    Amazing! So beautiful and talented! I really think its a shame closed minded people hound you down with such negative emails! Your a true inspiration for me! I find it so hard not to preach about veganism with my family and friends and they get so fed up with me :/ How do you cope? Mum tells me if people are interested they will ask and that I shouldn’t be telling them “off”

  11. Maree Pollen says:

    Hi Shelly, Being a Christian is about love of all people and things, that includes animals. I don’t go to Church but live as a Christian. The Irony of it all is that most non christians behave in a more open and loving and Christian way than the typical Bible bashing hands on Sunday church going Christian. I have been hurt too many times by the Church (more than once) and I finally can think for myself. I know how you feel. Keep up the wonderful work.

  12. Myself being a christian, it annoys me when people say God put animals on this Earth for us to eat. Or he gave us the right to do whatever we want to them. Those people are not very smart and are simply grasping at straws to try and find some reason to continue eating meat.

    If they were to actually objectively read the bible without looking for justifications, they would clearly see that veg*nism is very strongly suggested.

  13. I just became a vegetarian last week, and I’m planning to transition to vegan after listening to a podcast on egg production. I randomly came across your video after watching “Earthlings” on YouTube (took me 3 days, I just couldn’t stomach it all at once). Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for the great way that you put the information out there. You’ve given me some good responses for my critics, and some extra motivation for my own perseverance as I fight the initial meat cravings. I think the Bible verse will really help as I try to get my mom to move towards vegetarianism. And I think the racism video is really good, too as it makes morality a popular choice rather than something only a few “noble” people engage in; thus it reinforces a positive behavior loop. Keep up the great work!

  14. Christine S. says:

    I love the messega, but agree with Jodie Y. and Kelsey: I don’t feel comfortable sharing this on a larger for the same reasons Jodie stated.

  15. Great video as usual. I’m a big fan of your videos!

  16. ♥ Well said, thank you for being!! ♥

  17. haha! absolutely hilarious and summed up perfectly
    please do not stop making videos. :-)

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