Sep 30, 2012

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Vegans can’t eat ANYTHING! What the hell’s with THAT?! Where do they get calcium if not from COWS? You gotta see this!

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  1. That was brilliant Lovely… very balanced… a debate with your alter-ego works darling… must post this immediately…

    Love you darling

  2. good one shelly, I share your videos on facebook in hopes it actually changes someone… even though i have liitle hope in humanty

  3. Nice editing. Love the artwork! And of course the message is spot on. Just subscribed to your channel :) Keep the videos coming!

  4. Why are your videos so awesome?

  5. Jarrett Joe Knipp says:

    U rock!! Fresh fruit for all!! Check out
    Movie if you haven’t seen it
    Forks over Knives.

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