Dec 31, 2011

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Vegans Must HATE Humans!


This.. is Grebe.


Vegans only care about animals.. animals! Animals! ANIMALS!

They don’t care about PEOPLE.

Why, I only wish they spent HALF the time they spend on animals trying to fix REAL WORLD ISSUES.



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  1. Teddy Howe says:

    Great new video Shelley : )) Happy New Year!! lets make a big difference in 2012 …Cheers!!

  2. Da Physchemon says:

    Excellent work Shell… eminently watchable and delightful presentation… We enjoyed it wonderfully Lovely :-)>

  3. As usual, another amazing and inspiring video. Thank you for existing! <3

  4. Gerd Zumpe says:

    Thank you Shelley! I will link it to some “Grebe’s”. Maybe they get inspired, at least for their perfume.

  5. pettness (hor) says:

    So much makes sense, keep spreading the good word as you are Shelley. very proud of your achievements.

  6. I just found your blog today, and have watched almost all the videos. It is so fantastic! i love how you make everything seem so obvious (because it is), and also i love the costumes. :)
    Thank you for being so honest!

  7. It’s been three weeks since I decided to become a vegan. I feel great about my decision. Today I stumbled upon your videos and you have greatly affirmed my decision. I couldn’t care less about peoples negative opinions. Besides I was always told opinions are like assholes, ever body has one and they all stink.

  8. Fantastic! I love a) that you give the name Pititio Principii, which I’d never heard before for those types of arguements (the logical equivalent of “Are you still beating your wife?”) and b) that in spite of the fact that you are not American, you use a Southern accent to signify stupidity. Well played! Keep up the great work.

  9. Sarah Greenaway says:

    I LOVE these videos. I get asked this bullshit all the time. Now I’ll just point them to your videos :-)

  10. By going vegetarian, you are still reducing famine around the world, so…

  11. what is the main source of protein that’s being taken away off of west african shores? i really hope you weren’t suggesting that it’s okay for africans to eat fish…

  12. Just curious are your pearls real? if so they came from an oyster as well as your mother of pearl necklaces just thought you should know.

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